CDCH Aboriginal Programs



Nalderun is a Dja Dja Wurrung word meaning "Altogether"

Nalderun is a service that supports the Aboriginal Community, lead by Aboriginal people.

We run many services that support the person and family.  We feel it is important to actively listen to the community and they will tell us what they need.

We are also involved in many services for the rest of the community. Many people in the Mount Alexander community are also incredibly supportive of us, this is why our name means altogether.
Dja Dja Wurrung are the Traditional Caretakers of the Mount Alexander Shire, the family within the Mount Alexander Shire is the Nelson Family and our Elder is Uncle Rick Nelson.



The Meeting Place- Is held once a fortnight during school terms for the aboriginal children within the Mount Alexander shire. Students are collected from their school and taken to The Meeting Place which is held at the old Yapeen School site. Whilst there the students learn about the local Jara Jara culture and complete activities that are culturally enriching.

Koorie Bus- the Koorie Bus service is designed to get students to school each morning. It also assists in getting some employed members to work. This service is supported by the Mount Alexander Shire Council (MASC) and runs Monday-Friday during school terms from 7.30am until 9am.

Koorie Family Homework Centre- This program runs on a weekly basis based out of the Ray Bradfield room in Victory Park. The homework centre is designed to work with schools on setting goals for each Koorie student and working towards helping each student reach those goals. Parents are encouraged to stay to work with children as a community initiative to help support each child with their educational and emotional needs.

Mentoring Program- this is designed to help support Koorie people gain employment and training. Mentors support training or employment applications as well as supporting employers to understand what is happening through the journey for the Koorie person.

Murnong Mammas – is a Koorie catering service.  A variety of delicious food, either completely traditional or indigenous ingredients combined in everyday cooking.

Nalderun Upper Loddon Events Committee – This group works with a number of stakeholders within the Mount Alexander Shire to help coordinate events such as Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.

Nalderun Cross Curricular Team -Supports and advocates Koorie culture within schools, writing of curriculum, presenting it and having resources for those who want to teach it themselves. The team meet once a term with schools in the Mount Alexander Shire to assist the integration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures into the schools.

Cultural Awareness Training – For the non Koorie community who would like to understand the Koorie Community, how it works, why we are the way we are and connect people to country.

Men’s/ Women’s Business/ Indigenous Landcare group - events that take Koorie and non Koorie men and women into the bush to learn indigenous culture.

Leanganook Indigenous Landcare Group – Is a program which looks at trying to return areas of land to their original condition with natural flora and fauna established within the locations. In addition to this it also looks to work on culturally significant sights in the area.

Funding for many of the above programs is through the Indigenous Advancement Strategy of the Commonwealth Government. CDCH and MASC offer integral support to many of the programs.



Kathryn Coff - Nalderun Coordinator.

Kathryn’s role is to support everyone with their roles. She is the main mentor who assists with co-ordination of events. She also organises supports for Koorie students and administers activities, coordinates meetings, writes submissions and directs inquiries to the most appropriate people. Kathryn is a Koorie mentor, is involved in Women’s business, Koorie days and is a member of the Nalderun Cross Curricular Team.

Aunty Julie McHale- Cultural Education Coordinator

Aunty Julie coordinates the Meeting Place which involves a number of different aspects, some of which include arranging special presenters to work with the children, creating different stations/activities for the children to complete while at the Meeting Place, she writes and designs the annual program and arranges excursions onto country. She is a member of the Nalderun Cross Curricular Team. Julie creates units of work for schools with each unit having a strong focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander histories and cultures. She can present these units herself or provide them to schools for delivery themselves.She offers discussions on Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander history. Julie chairs the Meeting Place monthly planning committee held at CDCH.

Julie is an elder of the Nalderun Women’s Business, is involved with the Murnong Mammas and is a mentor to many of the people in the Mount Alexander Shire and works with the Indigenous Landcare group.

Uncle Rick Nelson-Cultural Advise/Coordinator Of Men’s Business.

Uncle Rick is a Dja Dja Wurrung Elder, so he is a cultural advisor for the community on various matters for the Dja Dja Wurrung community. He coordinates Men’s Business- which is where he takes men out on country in a variety of different ways. Such as, just Koorie and interested non Koorie Men, out to different places. There are times where it is for youth and boys outings as well as overnight camps.

Student Support Worker

Julie McHale works in a local primary school with Koorie at risk students. This involves working with the students to help them within the class environment as well as working with the schools to help meet the student’s needs.

Iain AndersonKoorie Bus driver

Iain is the bus driver on the Koorie Bus. He arranges collection of the children in the morning to help with transport to school and work if needed.

Danielle GloverHealthy Living Coordinator(The Meeting Place)

One of Danielle’s key duties as the Healthy Living Coordinator is to organise the cooking and healthy living activities at the Meeting Place each fortnight. In addition to this she is also involved in the Murnong Mammas catering service.