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Castlemaine District Community Health provides a range of family services, from counselling to group programs focused on family issues.

Mt Alexander Family Services (MAFS) are co-located at Castlemaine District Community Health and offer outreach services to families experiencing difficulties.

Castlemaine District Community Health is also an active participant in various groups that work with organisations and the public to increase family and youth services in the Shire.



Generalist Counsellors can provide Family Counselling to assist families during challenging times.  Family Counselling can involve having a single family member come along to an individual’s counselling session, or having the whole family attend a family session. Family Counselling can be beneficial when a child or young person is showing signs of distress, when there has been a bereavement or trauma, when there is conflict or tension occurring between family members or when there are changes in the family. 

Family Counselling is open to people of all ages, children, young people, adults and older people.

A GP referral is not needed.

To Arrange an Appointment
Phone our reception desk on (03) 5479 1000 and ask to speak to a Duty Worker.
The Duty Worker operates between 1 - 3 pm Monday to Friday.

The Duty Worker will take some details from you, discuss your concerns and help you decide on the best course of action.

Cost: Counselling is a free service.



Sometimes families need help juggling their different needs and demands. Mt Alexander Family Services (MAFS) aims to provide support to families who are experiencing difficulties or need a hand.

Family Services Workers aim to support families by working with them in their own homes, identifying current issues and developing goals that families and workers collaborate on to achieve. This process involves an in-depth assessment of the needs of each family member.

Our service provides outreach, where we work with families in their homes. If we are not able to assist, we can refer you to someone who may be more appropriate.

Mt Alexander Family Services works with families who have children between the ages of 0 to 18 years old (including before birth). Families must live with-in Mount Alexander Shire.

To Arrange an Appointment
MAFS is located with-in Castlemaine District Community Health. You can drop in or call reception on (03) 5479 1099 and request asistance.

Professionals such as doctors and teachers can phone for advice or refer families directly to MAFS through Child FIRST on (03) 5440 1147 or 1800 260 338

Cost: MAFS services are free



Emotionally Intelligent Parenting

Castlemaine District Community Health runs the 6-week program - Tuning in to Kids in Castlemaine.

The Tuning in to Kids parenting program teaches parents and carers:

The research evaluation of Tuning in to Kids found that when parents learned these parenting skills, this was related to improvements in children's emotional competence, social skills and behaviour.

For children with behaviour or anxiety problems, the program is particularly effective.

Contact reception for details on next course. 5479 1000



Click here to download a reference sheet with links to websites full of useful information about the following issues:




Castlemaine District Community Health participates in and supports MAYAN.

The aim of MAYAN will be to provide an ongoing forum to foster the development of a community in the Shire of Mount Alexander which respects, includes, embraces, engages, supports, links and resources all young people in ways that maximise their connection, safety, health, wellbeing and life opportunities for the present and the future.

Meetings are held monthly.

To Join this Group
Phone reception on (03) 5479 1000 and ask to speak to the Youth Community Development Worker or the Program Manager for Service Development.




The MACCN website:

Mount Alexander Community Children’s Network (MACCN) established in June 2007 and auspiced by Castlemaine District Community Health, is a voluntary group of parents, community members and key stakeholders who meet bimonthly to discuss the progress, innovation and direction for family and children’s services in the Mount Alexander Shire.

MACCN supports the rights of the child to reach his/her optimal potential in the areas of early childhood across health and wellbeing, safety and social inclusion, development and learning, and all the social determinants of health. MACCN initiatives aim to improve the health and wellbeing of ALL children and their families in Mount Alexander Shire.

MACCN’s vision of Mount Alexander is as a place where families and children are celebrated; where children feel safe and connected to their community and where their individual talents and contributions are valued.

MACCN aims to ensure that families and service providers across the Shire have access to current and relevant information, resources, services and programs.

The Mount Alexander Community Children’s Network (MACCN) has a key role in addressing social connectivity of children and families, and has to date:

MACCN meets bi-monthly. For information and meeting dates contact reception on (03) 5479 1000 and ask to speak to the Program Manager for Service Development.


Please click HERE for the MACCN website where you will find an extensive children's services directory and other useful links