Alcohol and Other Drug Services (A&OD)

Alcohol and Other Drug (A&OD) Services cover a spectrum of issues confronting people affected by substance abuse. The service offers advocacy, personal support, strategies for change, someone to trust with the more difficult issues and hope for a more positive future.

A&OD workers are able to provide assessments and letters of support to someone facing court on A&OD related matters. Prior notice and attendance is required for this support.

We work in co-operation with other service providers where required, such as GP’s, Withdrawal Nurses, Community Mental Health Service and many others, to give you the best possible chance of overcoming whatever problems you may have.

Referrals can also be made by this service. If we are not able to assist, we can refer you to someone who may be more appropriate.



Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling

From 1st September 2014 all new referrals for Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services will be directed through ACSO Connect.

To access services you must contact ACSO Connect on 1300 022 760.

For more information click here - ACSO Connect

The Alcohol and Other Drug (A&OD) Counselling Service at Castlemaine District Community Health is available to anyone who is affected by substance use. If you want to cut down, withdraw, or are affected by a loved one using alcohol or other drugs, our counsellors may be able to assist you. 

To access services you must contact ACSO Connect on 1300 022 760.

A&OD Counselling is a free service.



Rural Withdrawal Service

The Rural Withdrawal Service offers assistance to people of any age needing information, support and supervision to withdraw from substance abuse.
At the assessment, options available can be explored and may include withdrawal at home, hospital or in a detox unit. The suitability of other services for detox rehabilitation can also be discussed.

From 1st September 2014 all new referrals for Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services will be directed through ACSO Connect.

To access services you must contact ACSO Connect on 1300 022 760.

For more information click here - ACSO Connect


Anyone wishing to deal with the impact of substance use on their lives and detox from Alcohol and/or other drugs. There are no age restrictions.

A GP referral is not needed.

For more information phone reception on (03) 5479 1000

The Rural Withdrawal Service is free.


Rural Outreach Drug Diversion Youth Worker

Due to AOD Recommissioning the RODDW position no longer exists, for information and referral about CDCH AOD services contact the Duty Worker, they will determine the best CDCH services for you.

The Duty Worker operates between 1-3pm Monday - Friday. Phone on 5479 1000.



Needle and Syringe Exchange Program

Castlemaine District Community Health provides a service for needle and syringe exchange. We stock a large range of needles and syringes as well as i.v. water, swabs, filters and disposal units.

Ask at reception for this service or pick up an NSEP card and show it to the receptionist to indicate that you require this service.

An after hours shoot is located next to the building for syringe disposal. Look for the exchange logo below.

This is a free service. A small fee is charged for the purchase of wheel filters and i.v. water.




This program is a referral pathway and education program designed to divert young people away from the criminal justice system.

When police detect a young person under the age of 18 years either in possession of, under the influence of or consuming alcohol they offer them the education session as an alternative to an official police caution or an infringement notice. 
The education session uses a harm minimisation approach to educate and inform young people (and their parents or guardians) about the harms associated with alcohol and ways to reduce these harms, as well as the supports and services available to assist people who have a problem with alcohol use.

This program covers the Mt Alexander and Macedon Ranges Shires in partnership with Victoria Police. The project was originally funded by the Victorian Law Enforcement Drug Fund and the Alcohol Education and Rehabilitation Foundation.

The program education session is also open to parents or young people who have not been referred via police, wanting assistance with information regarding alcohol use.

Referrals are made by the Victorian Police.

For more information phone reception on (03) 5479 1000

This is a free service


Mental Well-Being LIVE.LIFE.WELL Project


Following the suicide of a number of community members, Castlemaine District Community Health (CDCH), in collaboration with interested groups and citizens, sought funding from The William Buckland Foundation to address mental health and suicide prevention within the Mount Alexander Shire.  This project has been in development since early 2015, incorporating a large community consultation process and the support and direction of an ongoing reference group made up of community members, mental health professionals and consumers.  Funding will conclude in December 2017.

Link to website Here

Mount Alexander Shire is a community that promotes care, supports the mental health and wellbeing of all members, is informed and aware, and combats risk and vulnerability.

Aims: will:

The team consists of Sarah Day, Alice Steel, Marg Barry and Uncle Rick Nelson, with Peter Hunt as team leader.  We vary from working six hours per week to three days per week, and bring a variety of different skills, experience and backgrounds to the project.

We have been busy fine tuning our two and half hour I WILL community information session; forming great partnerships in the community, particularly around Mental Health Week; rolling out the Youth and teen Mental Health First Aid to the Castlemaine Secondary College (CSC) community; and running a Boys and Mens Program in partnership with Nalderun and CSC.

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William Buckland Foundation